Tessa Norman


Tessa Norman



Tessa Norman is currently in her senior year at UW Milwaukee in the Design and Visual Communications Program. She has experience in the field and possesses strong interpersonal skills enabling her to successfully work with people at many different levels. Given her background, experience, talent, ability to learn quickly and consistent dependability, Tessa is confident she can successfully help with any design needs.

In addition to effective communication skills Tessa’s attributes include enthusiasm, dedication, the ability to work well independently or part of a team project, and the willingness to do what is necessary to achieve goals while meeting specific deadlines. Tessa has in-depth knowledge about designing software including: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite as well as basic HTML5 and CSS experience. In short, Tessa believes that her combination of customer service experience and personal talents would make her a resourceful option for potential design work.

As a designer, Tessa is constantly being inspired by the world around her and this in turn enables her to become a visual communicator who flourishes throughout various design situations. As she continues her journey with graphic design, Tessa hopes to gain more experience, knowledge and connections to help further her career and passion for graphic design.

High School

Menomonee Falls High School
Mrs. Chmielewski

Design Team

John Behn
Designer and Web Developer

Jack Coakley

Ben Travis
3D Designer at Catalyst Exhibits

Alex Hagler
Gardens Coordinator at Victory Garden Initiative



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