Mike Baker


Mike Baker



Mike Baker grew up in Franklin, Wisconsin with an obsession of notebooks, computers, and music.
Mike is currently attending University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, working towards obtaining a BFA in
Design And Visual Communication. At a young age, he fell in love with the process of design. This is
not just evident in his education, but also his interests in coding and building bleep-bloop sounds with
synthesizers. In his spare time, he’s usually talking to his dog Sarah and playing Nintendo.

When Mike is not freelancing or working on school projects, he enjoys managing personal projects.
Mike’s biggest personal project was a music website that acted as an electronic and rock music label.
He loved the process of collaborating with passionate people, working towards liberating a unique
collective of music.

High School

Franklin High School

Design Team

Jennifer Schroeder
Designer and developer, pet owner

Sanne Overgaard
Designer, pet owner

Dorothy Baker
Writer, specializes in communications



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