John Behn III


John Behn III


John is a senior majoring in graphic design at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with an interest in web strategy, front end UI design and marketing. He seeks to apply his experience assisting a company’s web related needs by crafting a strong internet ecosystem in which web strategy, front end design, and analytical data work together hand in hand to achieve a common goal. His primary focus as a web designer is to create beautiful responsive websites that emphasize a positive user experience for audiences of all types.

John currently interns as a web strategist and front end web designer for Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Within his first year as part of the team there he has collaborated on a multitude of web projects, some of the most notable on the list include: The Research Report, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, School of Freshwater Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Financial Aid and The Fall Welcome 2015 homepage social media campaign.

In the future, John seeks to contribute his versatile skill set to a collaborative force that strives to generate innovative design for the advancement of a worldwide community.

High School

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Design Team

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3D production and design critique

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Target market participant

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App development and design critique

Margaret Frisbee & Matt Bins
Environmental and Engineering opinion



Indra is a modular rainwater harvesting system that was concieved at the intersection of nature at technology. Each modular cube serves as a planter box that provides the user with wireless watering control. The cubes come in various sizes and can be arranged into a multitude of shapes.


Our mission is to reduce the amount of rainwater run off that is polluting the rivers and great lakes by capturing it before hitting the ground and absorbing pollutants.


We strive to create healthy living environments while promoting water conservation and local food growth.