Jacob Adamczak


Jacob Adamczak



I’m currently enrolled in my 5th year at the University of Milwaukee-WI and I am completing my bachelor’s degree in Design and Visual Communication. Though my years in college I have gained numerous skills, which helped me grow as a designer and person. As a designer, I have learned to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. As well as creating mixed media pieces incorporating digital video and animation. I have been lucky enough to learn how to 3D print using a Makerbot and Rhino, 3d modeling software. However, one of my true passions is working hands on in a 3D environment. I have enjoyed working in the sculpture lab on heavy machinery as well as in the Jewelry & Metalsmithing department, where I learned how to solder and create pieces with fine detail. Also, being self-taught in basic screen-printing which has helped me take my designs and make them exists in the real world.

All of these skills have helped develop my knowledge and led me to some amazing experiences. During my 4th year of college I interned at Sprecher Brewery Company working along side the primary graphic designer and marking lead. I saw ideas develop and grow through my weeks working there. I was able to see some ideas flourish while others were sent back to the drawing board. I also had the opportunity to work with Phase II skate shop located in Wauwatosa, WI to create two skateboard designs sold to the public. Since then Phase II has kept in communication with me for creating tee shirts and other media for their company. These experiences have taught me how to work with clients and deal with real world scenarios.

High School

Greenfield High School
Kelly Wendel
Jeremy Chupp

Design Team

Judy Kaiser
Currently works at the Department of Public works in Shorewood as lead horticulture. She graduated from MATC with a degree in horticulture under the direction of Malinda Myers. With over 30 years of gardening she is one of my resources for this project. She also qualifies as my target markets because she currently has a garden at her house so hopefully she would end up as a end user.

Myranda Lope
Studying Design and Visual communication at UW-Milwaukee and researching Human Ecology & Environment as well. She is researching Urban Heat Island effect and trying to encourage people to get involved in their community to decrease heating in urban environments. Also a design I value her input greatly when coming up with designs for this project.

Lauren Briar
Studying Design and Visual communication at UW-Milwaukee and researching Human Ecology & Environment for this project. Her project focuses around how indoor houseplants and increase air quality inside of home. With her app it’ll teach people what can fit their needs and how to care for those plants. As well studying Graphic Design I value her input for my design throughout this project.

Jake Stroh
A Milwaukee based web content creator, educator and author; Jake Ströh enjoys the balance between practitioner and educator. He manages and directs web-based projects that focus on brand-centric development and integration for regional and national clients. He also teaches motion graphics, web design, and digital storytelling at his alma mater, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, where he enjoys educating young talent on the latest creative technology and career trends. He will assist and guide me in the app creation process.

Gretchen Mead
Gretchen founded Victory Garden Initiative in 2008. Throughout her career as a social worker she witnessed firsthand the negative impact that the current industrialized food system has on vulnerable populations. She observed that the poorest were the most susceptible to diet-related illnesses, especially where cheap processed foods are plentiful but fresh vegetables are all but inaccessible. She part of my target audience, she also knows a lot about gardening which will help ad to what needs to be in app.



Nurish is intended to estimate daily water usage based on factors such as plant type, soil type & weather variables. As well it will second as a database to keep track of records regarding your garden based on user input. We intend to create lifelong relationships with our uses in promoting healthy lifestyles and easier gardening.


We hope to reduce water waste outdoors in food gardens by educating the gardener how much water they need daily. As well as have a place for the user to organize their experiences in their garden.


We hope to save the consumers money in their homes in conserving freshwater to preserve it for the future generations. As well as promote a thriving garden, which the user can benefit physically and economically.