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John Koerner
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John Koerner’s relationship with art and design started with skateboarding–a sport rich with an “anything goes” marketing and art style. The mix of outlandish branding and wild art sparked a very youthful interest in graphic design.

Since then, John has been trying to combine clarity with captured emotion, energy, and touch. At the same time he has tried to incorporate memorable and informative experiences for the user. Now a Milwaukee-based designer and Spanish language student, John has experience in a wide range of fields: educational design, prosthetic design, and event promotion. Filled with a youthful and energetic curiosity, John explores the world for design possibilities.

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Madison West High School

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Kaivahn Sarkaratpour

Magaly Zeise

Mad Yak


Mad Yak is a board game that teaches Spanish and sparks interest in other countries and cultures. Mad Yak offers a collaborative but competitive arena for students to practice their speaking skills, learn vocabulary words, and pick up geography facts.


Mad Yak was created on the purpose of bringing fun and interactive experiences to the classroom. We want students to be engaging with each other in the class room rather than learning in silence. For this reason I started Mad Yak to bring fun back into learning.


I see myself as designing the outlet for expression and exploration in the classroom. One day Mad Yak will expand to a whole line of games and experiential design to help teach kids at all different age ranges.