Reem Manfalouti

Reem Manfalouti


Reem Manfalouti is a passionate student who came all the way from Saudi Arabia to study Design and Visual Communication at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Reem is aspiring designer that is driven to share her knowledge with designers in Saudi Arabia. She is interested in learning about different cultures and experience diverse traditions. Studying in the Unites States gave her the opportunity to learn and be more involved in the culture. During the summer of 2017 Reem interned at Kohl’s Design It lab. The internship experience fueled a curiosity to explore new technologies that can inform her design practice. Reem has a professional experience with photography, packaging design, web development and printmaking.

Design Team

Jake Stroeh: Lecturer- App building and web development- Design Mentor

Saad Manfalouti: UWM Graduate- Coordinator, Customer Service in CHEP Pallets Company- Mentor, Business advisor

Lindsey Roddy: Ph.D. Student studying Nursing science at UWM-  User Tester.

High School

Childhood World School – Saudi Arabia


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