Paul Kong

Paul Kong


Paul Kong is currently a student attending the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as a Design and Visual Communication undergraduate. Moving eight times around the Midwest areas he was always exploring his new surroundings and translating those experiences through his artNever actually knowing what his career would be he drifted around and explored his options throughout the first two years of college. New experiences and friends would help Paul decided on the career choice that would change his life. After taking a few art classes with friends he decided to go into graphic design. Paul felt like graphic design is the perfect medium for him because he would not be tied down to one type of medium. He wanted the freedom to utilize any and all mediums in order to express himself fully.  

Design Team

Hnou Hang: Business consultant/ video editor

Adam Hawk: Solution mentor

Victor Moua: User

Vong Hang: Solution mentor

High School

Kaneland Highschool


5Current is a service company that collects plastic waste from the ocean, mainly from the GPGP (Great Pacific Garbage Patch). From these collected waste 5Current cleans and transforms these wastes into unique and functional planters.


5Current aims to bring awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans mainly gathering waste from the GPGP (Great Pacific Garbage Patch) and turning those waste into functional objects for everyday use 


Through our products we can change the way plastics are used and free the oceans from further damage.