Nicole Lorscheter


Nicole Lorscheter


“Time for the charm bomb to explode”. Nicole is a motivated individual who is determined to learn all she can in order to help others. She is reliable and a phenomenal communicator. In addition to, having the ability to work as a leader as well as a contributor.

As a student, she has had the opportunity to have worked at her school’s marketing department where she was promoted each semester and ended up as lead. The work she did there were for student organization events. At her current internship, she has been enjoying the illustration process and creating objects she has never done before. The detail that goes into it a piece and seeing the final is the most rewarding feeling.

Her career goal would be to work in UI/UX Research, package design, or her dream goal, being a Graphic Designer for Disney. “Anything is possible if you just believe”.

Design Team

Emily Berens:
Professional Mentor : Education 

Tracy Apps:
Professional Mentor : UI/UX

Dawn Petri and Scarlett:
Product testing users

High School & Notable Teachers

Nathan Hale High School


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