Minkyung Lee


Minkyung Lee




Minkyung Lee is a Korean student studying Design and Visual Communication at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She has a BA in Design Studies with an emphasis in Visual Design from Kyungbok University, in Korea. She joined AIGA-UWM to fulfill social and intellectual needs around art and design. She wants to be a designer who can wake people up and illuminate their minds with her design ability and creative thinking.

She is currently teaching Korean to first-grade children as a volunteer Korean teacher at Korean Language and Culture School of Milwaukee. She trying to strengthen her leadership and teamwork skills through the experience. She is constantly looking for opportunities to improve both her craft and herself to become a stronger person and designer.

High School

Pyeongnae High School



Do-dam means ‘growing up healthy’ in Korean historic language and that serves as the core mission of our company. Global waste is our concern. The top food waste in the world is produce such as potatoes, peaches, radishes, oranges and tomatoes. Half of this waste is produced in the home. Our company strives to address this problem by creating an innovative produce container. Our container keeps produce at their required preservation state. Some vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, avocados, and garlic should be stored at room temperature in a dry and cool place instead of a refrigerator. Meanwhile fruit can be easily damaged and forgotten when tucked away in a refrigerator drawer. Do-dam keeps produce separate, accessible and protected for freshness and ease of use. It can be easily moved to the ideal environment and can be connected to other baskets creating a food organization system specific to the user. Users can organize food based on meals or expiration dates. These arrangements can be placed in convenient and visible locations in and outside the refrigerator to make eating the produce easier. Each basket consists of soft curves of rubber to protect produce from getting damaged. The porous nature of our product enables produce to breathe and stay fresh longer to reduce waste and save money for customers.


Inspire, teach and promote sustainable food practices at home.


We strive to create a sustainable future where all people and produce live a healthier longer life.