Meghan Polzin


Meghan Polzin


Meghan Polzin is a lifelong equestrian bringing unbridled enthusiasm to art and design. A

multidisciplinary artist with a passion for design, photography, and lettering. Meghan studies Design and Visual Communications at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with an emphasis in photography. Outside of the arts, Meghan is active within the United States Pony Club, and spends her time with her horse, Meatball, and her hedgehog, Fish Nugget.

Design Team

Anne Ross:
Assistant Manager at Dover Saddlery in Libertyville, IL / Professional Mentor

Lisa Behling:
Owner of Hunters Run Farm, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee / Milwaukee Equestrian

Adam Hawk:
Professor at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee / Product Creation

Reilly Flynn
Student at Milwaukee School of Engineering / Engineering Lead

Leslie Flynn
Communication Coordinator at City of Oak Creek / Production Mentor

Paul Scheidt
Student at Gonzaga University / User

Katie Bartlet
Student at University of Wisconsin – Madison / User 

High School & Notable Teachers

Union Grove Union High School
William Wald
Hal Kravig
Sandi Zangerle


Melon provides impact indicators to equestrian helmets to allow riders to visually see when their helmet has potentially sustained interior damage.


Encouraging equestrians to make informed decisions on helmet replacement. 


Melon aims to reduce concussions in equestrian athletes by providing information on when a helmet needs to be replaced.