Kayleigh Kvool


Kayleigh Kvool



Artistic imagination expressed for a purpose. My creative mind views the world through analytical observation, leading to either appreciation or evolution. I am focused on how the world around me translates into design and how different mediums cross over into each other.

I have always been creatively driven, first exposed through painting and drawing with my grandma at a young age. Now I am an art student concentrating on building my portfolio and skill set through graphic design. I value maintaining a healthy mind, body, and holistic lifestyle while working towards my goals. I am pursuing my senior year at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying a BFA in Design and Visual Communications and a minor in Journalism Advertising and Media Studies. Through learning strategic thinking and design problem solving, I have become a strong digital artist and care about crafting quality.

I have been working as a designer for one year at UWM Union Marketing Services. I construct uniquely-branded marketing campaigns for university departments and events. Last spring, I was nominated for a Kaleidoscope Award for outstanding creativity by my coworkers for the employee award ceremony. I was recently promoted to take on larger design orders. I accepted the role, working also as a mentor to new student designer employees. I have experience working on timelines shorter than class assignments while communicating and seeking approval with other’s shared vision.

I value the diversity of expertise and constructive critique from collaborators when working as a team to continue to further my own understanding. I am always thinking of possibilities, but am confident with my established intuition. My creative process involves focused ideas, critical decision, feedback, and patient problem solving: The essentials for expressing once-imagined concepts into compelling visuals for a purpose.

Design Team

Annie Melchoir:
BA, Comparative Literature, UW-Milwaukee, Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Savannah Zarling:
Alverno College Psychology Major, Bikram Yoga Instructor, Meditation

Molly Welter:
UW-Milwaukee Psychology Major, Mindfulness user  

Serephina Zweifel:
UW-Milwaukee Design and Visual Communications Major, Yoga user

High School & Notable Teachers

Arrowhead High School
Sherry Moseler


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To expand and nurture the mind, body and spirit  


Make space to be the best version of you in each moment. Care for your health through guided yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practice and lead a long-term fulfilling lifestyle.