Jenna Braund


Jenna Braund


“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” – Henry Miller said that. I’m just here for the punch.

Jenna Braund. Rebellious, tactful and goofy – but when it’s time to work, she’s a hustler. Proud dog motha and married lova, Jenna spends her free time shopping, exploring, concert-going, playing around with photography, and following creative gut whims, as they always lead to magic.

Currently a Design student at UW-Milwaukee and a graphic designer at the University’s restaurant operations, she still finds herself in disbelief she gets paid to create visual imagery.  In her future, she desires to make products, services and experiences that people walk away saying were worth experiencing, were different, fun, and celebrates all that people are. Because people are awesome and full of potential, and Jenna enjoys reminding people of that.

Design Team

Mallory Stearns:
BA in Fashion and Business, Ethical Brand Employee

Laura Zastrow:
Fashion Photographer

Taylor Dayton:
Business owner, Clothing Store

Alexandra Lemanski:
User Testing

Jake Panaguia:
User Testing

Abby Wajer:
User Testing

High School & Notable Teachers

Monona Grove High School

Mr. Feeny


Dry is an app that connects shoppers to water-sustainable products made exclusively from ethical brands. By pooling these brands into one suite, we give them a platform while providing the shopper with stylish options they can trust have been made the right way. The water tracker feature not only tells shoppers how much water is used to make each piece of clothing on our app, but it compares that to the market average. It then tracks how much water the customer has saved overall by buying from our brands rather than from fast fashion brands, and rewards customers with coupons when they reach certain water saving goals. During check out, customers have the option to round up their dollar to donate to water conservation charities we partner with. Our fresh water is running out and most people want to help but don’t know how. Dry puts that power directly in your hands without sacrificing your style.


To connect shoppers with water-sustainable fashion created by ethical brands. To educate shoppers on water use and sustainability in the fashion industry, its urgency, and the progressive brands who are changing the way we make clothes.  To directly involve our customers in water-conscious practices when shopping.


One day, all shoppers will know how their products are made. By having the insight to choose ethical and water-sustainable brands, this demand will pressure other brands to follow in the sustainable practices of the few. A new standard will be made, water consumption in the fashion industry will be cut in half and there will be plenty of fresh water to go around for years to come.