Elizabeth Lied


Elizabeth Lied



Elizabeth returned to her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pursue a degree in Design and Visual Communication. She realized her passion for art at a young age. When in high school, Elizabeth joined the yearbook committee, which opened her door into the design world. Through previous employment, she gained confidence in client communication, learned how to successfully collaborate with other designers and the importance of paying attention to detail. Elizabeth is inspired by nature and will explore the outdoors or stroll through local greenhouses/plant nurseries to spark ideas. When she is not working on design projects, you can find her taking photographs on her 35mm camera, sipping coffee in various shops and going on adventures with her dog, Bailey.  

Design Team

Larry Kascht
Environmental Studies Adviser, Research Mentor

Spencer Schreiner 
Communication (Media Studies Emphasis)
Video Consultant

Joshua Hanyard 
Communication (Media Studies Emphasis)
Bryant & Stratton College Admissions Representative
Pitch Consultant

High School

South Milwaukee High School


Droplet Storage collects natural rainwater for reuse. You are in control of when and where to use the stored water. The thin design of Droplet Storage provides city dwellers a way to help the environment without having to give up yard space. It is available in a variety of colors to match the unique personalities of our customers. No house is complete without Droplet Storage.


Delivering city dwellers a way to conserve and reuse natural resources.


To decrease the amount of pollution created by runoff in our environment.