Aubrey Koepke


Aubrey Koepke


Aubrey Koepke is a negotiable graphic designer from West Allis Wisconsin. Throughout her life Aubrey has always had a keen interest in art and has pursued it ever since grade school. In her early years of grade school Aubrey stuck mostly to hand drawn media but sough new medias as she entered high school. It was there that she discovered her love of painting both water color and acrylic and went on to win a ribbon in the Wisconsin State Fair Expo in 2013. It wasn’t until later in high school and actually by accident that Aubrey discovered graphic design. She had to take a class to fill her schedule and a graphic design course was recommended. It took a while, but as she grew in her computer skills Aubrey learned to love the idea of graphic design. Ever since she has pursued it to finally end up here as a senior in the design program at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Aubrey is proud to see have seen her design skills improve over her time here with the help of the many teachers she has had the benefit of learning from. She hopes to continue her graphic design work and always improve to become the best she can be.

Design Team

Tracy Apps:
App designer, Web designer, Teacher, experienced graphic designer, Engineer – Tracy Apps is a teacher of app design at both UWM and MSOE. She is experienced in many design fields as well as has a hand in engineering making her a valuable mentor to have.  

Officer Craig Rafferty:
Campus Police Officer – Officer Rafferty is a police officer that has worked for campus police for 24 years and is an expert is campus security for students. 

Adam Hawk:
Teacher, Prototyping expert/consultant – Teacher at UWM with extensive history of prototyping and prototyping programs. 

Chad Bridgewater:
Teacher, Engineer, Prototyping expert – Teacher at UWM with extensive history of prototyping and specifically working with 3D printing machines available of campus. 

Kali Desorcy:
Senior Graphic Designer – A fellow design student who has key concerns about student/property safety on campus. 

Kayla Couture:
Senior Graphic Designer – A fellow design student who is always available for help and is interesting in learning more about safety of students/property on campus. 

High School & Notable Teachers

Wisconsin Lutheran High School
Miss Marilyn Bond
Mrs. Leanne Ross


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Our mission is to provide an affordable way to keep students and their personal belongings safe with Trusti pin that alerts them if their belongings are in danger. 


We hope to keep the students safe while bring down the rate of theft on campuses through the Trusti zipper clips.