Amanda Kohler


Amanda Kohler


Amanda Kohler is indeed a Junior majoring in Visual & Design Communications within the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before transferring this year, she found herself applying graphic design skills she learned earlier from the Waukesha County Technical College within real world experiences locally and internationally. She has found herself striving towards the graphic design field because of family, beginning with her grandmother who dabbled in almost every kind of art thinkable. It was through the influence of this wonderful woman that Amanda was able to begin finding her own creative potential in life. Over time, she has herself dabbled between photography, ceramics, drawing, painting, and now logo, packaging, web, and print design work! She sees herself one day working for a non-profit humanitarian organization somewhere around the world. Others who have contributed greatly towards her path have been her immediate family as well as others close to her. They have been there for her while Amanda has been discovering her own path and calling in life.

Design Team

Amanda Hackbarth

High School & Notable Teachers

Heritage Christian High School
Dan Greenwell


Colectivo is a café that is unlike any other in the surrounding Milwaukee area. They have established their unique personality with several unique industrial buildings and distinctive, yet varying branding logos and icons. The atmosphere that flows from their personality also truly sets them apart as many customers can’t help but linger for a long time while enjoying what they ordered from the trendy menus.


Being involved in every step of creating a truly unique coffee experience with not only sourcing coffees all the way from their origins, but also catering an atmosphere for relaxation, productivity, and entertainment for lifestyles of all kinds.


To earn a relationship with customers by more than just providing excellent coffee, but through reflecting their ever changing lives with our own branding. We want to embrace change in a way that allows us to create fresh experiences for our customers every time they visit us.