Adam Nelson


Adam Nelson


Adam Nelson is a senior in the DVC program, graduating in Spring 2019. He was born and raised in Green Bay, WI and moved to Milwaukee to pursue his career. He is currently a graphic design intern at Weyco Group which houses 5 different shoe brands. His position started as a summer intern and was hired on for a long term intern for the school year. Adam enjoys the outdoors as well as the time spent behind his computer, which is a lot lately. He believes that hard work will get you to your goals and if you’re not achieving your goals, you’re not working hard enough.

Design Team

John Florsheim:
CEO of Weyco Group, Business consultant

Mike Fredrick:
Waste management expert

David Nelson:
Photo and video expert

Wendy Senzig:
Owner of Senzig’s Fine Home Furnishings, User

High School & Notable Teachers

Green Bay West High School
Anne Larsen


Gather is a service that picks up materials that cannot be recycled in your area and takes them to facilities to be properly processed or reused, all through the convenience of an app.


To provide convenient pick up services that dispose of recyclable materials properly to residents and businesses.


To increase the global recycling rate, to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills, and to provide sustainable resources for companies using recyclable materials.