Abby Wajer


Abby Wajer


Abby Wajer is a Design & Visual Communications student at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, health and wellness enthusiast, and Production Designer at Stone Creek Coffee.
Born to a family of artists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Abby has been encouraged to explore her creative nature from a young age. Her education has always been marked by a strong arts presence starting from Tamarack Waldorf Community School, to the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, and currently at UWM.
Abby sees design as the opportunity to use her love for art, commitment to health/wellness, and social justice to create/inspire/promote the change she desires to see in the world. Her ultimate goal is to create citizen design work for causes and campaigns that align with her personal values.

Design Team

Kva Mary Wajer:
Life coach and reiki healer

James Richard Lan:
Electroencephalogram technician

Sam Gallo:
2nd grader, user

High School & Notable Teachers

Milwaukee Highschool of the Arts



Indigo Commons is an organization founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that offers products to help youth with anxiety and/or stress learn and practice mindfulness techniques. Our pocket sized workbooks are filled with easy-to-follow activities that allow children to practice their presence and reflect on feelings and thoughts. Our objective is to provide a skill set that will assist our children through hardships, and help them transition into successful and happy adulthood. The concepts we teach and perspectives we introduce in our workbooks not only benefit the user, but also society’s collective energy. The more we can encourage openness, grace, authenticity, and intentionalityРthe more we can provide to our stakeholders: the kids, the families, and the community.


Our mission is to provide mindfulness strategies to children in order to help them manage thoughts and emotions and transition into happy, successful adulthood.


One day, every child will have access to resources that promote wellness, self care, and mental health.