Student Expectations

Panther Pledge

“As a member of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee community, I will conduct myself with academic integrity and civility.”

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a community of scholars including students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Joining the community is both a privilege and a responsibility; it obligates each member to reinforce a culture of mutual caring along with a vigorous and engaging exploration of facts, artistry, scholarship, theories, and academic practice. To fulfill these principles, all members of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee community are asked to subscribe to the following values and beliefs:

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators at UWM will:

  • Create a culture based on inquiry, knowledge, thoughtfulness, and accomplishment.
  • Share a commitment to scholarly excellence and integrity.
  • Treat one another with respect, mutual understanding, and sensitivity to difference.
  • Cultivate the ability to listen and to be responsive to others.
  • Learn to be reflective and self-reflective.
  • Promote each other’s health, safety, and well-being.
  • Take pride in being a member of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee community.

Allegiance to these ideals requires all of us to set high standards for ourselves and others. To foster a sense of community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, each of us must reinforce positive values and actions in ourselves and in others.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Throughout their involvement in the disciplinary process, students have the following rights and responsibilities. These rights apply to all students accused of misconduct, as well as to individuals designated as victims by the Dean of Students Office under this Code.

  • The Right to fair treatment.
  • The Right to privacy.
  • The Right to be notified of options.
  • The Right to an advisor.
  • The Right to written notice.
  • The Right to hear and provide testimony.
  • The Right to appeal.
  • The Responsibility to respect and be sensitive to others.
  • The Responsibility to comply with published University policies.
  • The Responsibility to abide by Federal, State and University regulations and laws.
  • The Responsibility of assuming the consequences of one’s actions.