Classroom Disruptions

Disruptive behavior in the classroom is defined as behavior that is repeated and continuous and/or prevents an instructor from teaching and students from learning.  Instructors may utilize a number of resources to address disruptive behavior in the classroom.  UWM Administration Policy S-9 “Behavior Cases Impeding Learning” offers recommendations on preventing and responding to disruptive behavior.  It can be found at: S_9_Behavior_Ca_ing_Process.pdf.

Other Tips:

  • Set expectations in the beginning of the semester and in the syllabus
  • Deescalate disruptive classroom behavior in a calm manner when it occurs If the behavior cannot be deescalated, ask the student to leave the class for the day If a student refuses to leave, call 9-911 or 414-229-4627 and ask UWM PD to remove the disruptive student.
  • Follow-up with a disruptive student outside the class and address the student’s behavior, the impact onthe class, and your expectations for future behavior. Follow-up your verbal conversation with a written email or letter to confirm understanding.
  • Submit a report of the incident to the Dean of Student’s Office at