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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Dashboards

OBIEE is a self-service platform with shared dashboards designed to answer common “operational” questions such as:

  • Who is currently active in a particular academic plan/program and what is their enrollment status for the current and future terms? (Current Plans)
  • Who has applied to my undergraduate program and what is the status of their application and checklists? (General Application Data)
  • What is the current enrollment in a particular course (Class Tallies) and who are the specific students enrolled? (Class Roster)
  • Who has received a degree in my program (Degrees Awarded) and who is expected to graduate this semester? (Degrees Expected)

OBIEE “consumer” access is available to all UWM faculty and staff with an approved Data Access Request (DAR) form. Please click the button below for step-by-step instructions to submit a request.

Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR) Reports

OAIR reports support and advance the strategic goals of the University. In addition to the reports and dashboards available on the OAIR website, OBIEE also contains a number of “aggregate” OAIR-developed dashboards for year-over-year comparison reporting purposes:

  • Weekly Comparison of Enrollment, which provides student and course enrollments by school/college and other bio/demo filters.
  • Application to Enrollment Funnel, developed with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, which provides counts of students at particular stages of the application through enroll funnel.
  • Re-Enrollment Dashboard, which provides counts of students enrolled in the last Spring/Fall semester and their “re-enrollment” in the upcoming Fall/Spring.

Some OAIR reports require OBIEE Student Records Consumer access, which follows the same OBIEE access instructions above.

Graduate School & Office of Research Dashboards

The IT & Analysis unit of the Graduate School / Office of Research provides reporting for graduate programs and research activity via dynamic visualizations and traditional Excel/ PDF options. The Graduate Program Data site provides aggregate information about graduate applications, enrollments, degrees awarded, and retention (among other things). The Research Activity App provides UWM faculty and administration with a self-service solution for summarizing sponsored research activity at UWM.

UWM Data Hub

Created in 2016, the UWM Data Hub serves as a repository for all published UWM reports and dashboards, and provides filters based on data type and subject of the dashboard or report. The Data Hub’s Report Request Form is the established place to request data or reports.

UWM 2030 Dashboard

Created in Summer 2021, the UWM 2030 dashboard provides updates to key performance metrics related to priorities identified in the the 2030 Implementation Team Final Report (Spring 2021). It currently includes metrics related to:

  • Strategic Direction: Outstanding Learning Environment
  • 2030 Priorities (Becoming Student-Centric, Revising Curriculum)
  • Overall Framework: Moon Shot for Equity
University of Wisconsin System (UWS) Accountability Dashboards

The UWS Accountability Dashboard includes a broad spectrum of higher education performance measures that reflect UWS strategic priorities or are required by state legislation.  Dashboard topics include: Cost & Efficiency, Faculty & Staff, and Progress & Completion.

Role-Based Data Resources

Still not sure where to start? Check out our Role-Based Data Resources page for more examples of how specific campus reports and dashboards apply to common University roles and responsibilities.