This document focuses the work of the committee and summarizes our guiding principles to the UWM campus community.
Vision Statement
The DGCC worked with the data community and data custodians in the Registrar’s Office and Office of Assessment & Institutional Research, along with the Public Records Custodian to develop and promote standardĀ Data Provisioning GuidelinesĀ to provide a consistent template for handling all incoming requests.
Data Provisioning Guidelines
The DGCC has encouraged a culture change from individual department reports to self service dashboards. These dashboards expand the consumption of data for more informed campus decisions.
Requests for changes to these dashboards can be directed to
One of the primary goals of the DGCC is to increase the data literacy level of our campus community. In April 2022, the DGCC hosted the following video presentation. This presentation provided a series of lightening talks from data stakeholders from across the University.
UWM Data 101
UWM Data Website
This data website was created to improve data transparency, data literacy and data access for the campus community.
Recognizing a need to include a broader data stakeholder base, the DGCC amended its charter to include more members from the campus community.
Contact Chair Stephanie Warner
Striving towards our goal of increasing campus data literacy levels, the DGCC is defining values from the Data Warehouse. Data Cookbook provides an opportunity for the campus community to also contribute to these definitions.
Data Cookbook
This document will provide guidance for discussions regarding changes in data stored in effective dated warehouse tables. These tables are commonly used for longitudinal reporting.
Guideline Document