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Workforce Training

One goal of CSI is ensuring that college graduates and plant workers are armed with an understanding of how their jobs affect other parts of the company.

UWM faculty already teach courses on connected systems basics for both business and engineering students. The curricula also include courses on related topics, from data analytics and cybersecurity to supply chain management and organizational change.

And, education isn’t just for college students. An expanded executive training program, called the “Connected Systems Challenge,” gets underway in May 2018.

The Connected Systems Institute is a multidisciplinary program that will enable students to learn skills not only in technology but also in business, and the breadth of courses and research at UWM makes it a perfect fit.

BLAKE MORETPresident and CEO, Rockwell Automation

CSI Educational Offerings:

  • Workshops and short courses
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Undergraduate and graduate certificate programs
  • A joint master’s degree in engineering and business