Read more about how the Connected Systems Institute is facilitating collaboration between industry and academia below.

UWM Embraces Entrepreneurship

The UW–Milwaukee stamped itself as entrepreneurship-heavy with a grand opening of the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center at Kenwood Boulevard and Maryland Avenue, the busiest corner on campus. Read More

Connected Cluster: How the Milwaukee region advances in internet-connected industry

An industry cluster that is quickly gaining momentum is the internet of things and industrial internet of things activity — the business and technology of connecting machinery, power systems and consumer devices to the internet for data extraction, remote management and more. Read More

The Launch of UWM’s Connected Systems Institute

At UWM, a new initiative has launched to help manufacturers do just that. It’s called the Connected Systems Institute. The program was designed to harness the power of the internet - using machines to talk to each other, providing huge amounts of data to use to create more efficient and... Read More

Article by K. Vairavan on Goals and Origin of CSI

The Connected Systems Institue K. Vairavan University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee In this article we outline the general features and goals of a new research and training entity at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), called the Connected System Institute (CSI). The CSI addresses technical and business issues in a growing area of... Read More

UWM Connected Systems Institute Collaborates with ANSYS for Digital Prototyping Innovation in the “Internet of Things”

The Connected Systems Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently announced a collaboration with ANSYS to support research and innovation in the “internet of things” (IoT). ANSYS will provide engineering simulation software to be used in CSI labs and education programs. Read More