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Local & Global Impact

With 75 billion devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2025, the work of CSI has the potential to transform how business is done.

Research shows that while many manufacturers use data in certain areas of their plants, they wish to know more about linking information across all functions of their business.

The benefits of connected systems spread beyond manufacturing. The models that CSI is developing will harvest the huge volume of data pulled from many sources to extract specific information on-demand.

UWM’s faculty research expertise in IIoT-related disciplines and organizational management, location in a key industrial and manufacturing hub, and strong corporate ties put the university in a unique position to lead this collaborative effort. To remain competitive, a company, or any major organization, must connect smart devices, machines, and processes across production/operations to management and business enterprise.

This business philosophy of connectivity across an enterprise requires both sophisticated research leading to innovation and a workforce interested in continuous improvement. The philosophy leads to improved manufacturing and industrial processes. It also enables productivity and security enhancements through real-time data gathering, analytics, and sharing mechanisms. To help companies and organizations achieve this competitive advantage, the CSI will focus on both research and educational activities. It will sponsor programs, lectures, webinars, and conferences that share strategies and tactics for implementing connectivity in alignment with a company’s mission and goals. It will serve as a resource for enterprises that are developing, selecting, and testing IoT solutions.

CSI’s research mission is a vital component, as research findings that promote greater efficiency, responsiveness, reliability, security, and agility will advance innovation in IoT technologies and application. Research will also help shape the curriculum, so that students are current with technological developments.

CSI will prepare the future workforce to provide the talent that industry requires to benefit fully from connectivity resulting from widespread use of IoT. Management and professional development programs will help organizations’ current employees to learn new technologies to foster productivity and innovation. We believe that these components, when fully developed and established, will result in one of the country’s leading industrial IoT entities for research, education, and corporate engagement.

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