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The institute’s core home, slated to open in spring 2019, will be in the east wing of the UWM Libraries in the center of campus.

Longer-term plans call for four, on-campus test beds to be used in both research and education. These test facilities will give industry partners the means for experimental validation, providing different views of the multi-dimensional space of IIoT.

While many existing IIoT facilities have narrower scopes, UWM’s facilities will be designed to test solutions in four consecutive steps, across all stages of the work flow.

Picture of Main Entrance Picture of meeting area

Lab 1

This lab will use coordinated simulation engines that are partitioned across the full range of IIoT functions starting from the lowest level – individual machines. Here researchers can investigate software using multi-tiered data.

Lab 2

This lab will continue with soft components, adding the functions of sensors, actuators and embedded systems.

Lab 3

This lab’s test beds will build on modeling from the previous two labs by including conversion processes with on-site equipment that will be capable of completing tasks ranging from simple pick-and-place functions to assemble robotics.

Lab 4

This lab will enable fully calibrated models to operate in parallel with an actual manufacturing plant, creating a “digital twin” that employs members’ real data to predict and validate key principles.

Picture of Main Entrance