CSI Learning Pathways

At the Connected Systems Institute (CSI) our mission is to create the workforce of the future – one that understands the manufacturing domain, the reasons for implementing technology, how to measure financial results, and finally, how to formulate an IOT strategy and implementation plan.
We will achieve our mission via a combination of concise topic-focused lectures, workshops, and short courses. Some of these courses are also part of our advanced curriculum for graduate students working toward Masters or PhD degrees.

Digital Manufacturing Strategist (DMS)
The Digital Manufacturing Strategist (DMS) Learning Pathway is a 16-week course designed to help participants better understand, measure, and mitigate risk in manufacturing. For approximately one hour each week, participants will engage in online self-paced learning, as well as a 60 to 90-minute session with the subject matter experts of these topics:

Topics covered by DMS

Each student emerges with an individualized written asset management strategy, a financial plan for measuring improvement, and a digital governance strategy for mitigation specific risks. You will also have the opportunity to continue conversations about applying these concepts by entering digital roundtables with peers in the program.
The Digital Manufacturing Strategist Learning Pathway will kickoff in June 2021, with registration beginning in April. Please follow the Connected Systems Institute LinkedIN Page or visit our website for updates!

Integrated Robotics
Because our Manufacturing Labs at CSI are focused on specific functionality – Integrated Robotics, Fluid Flow Management, Integrated Motion Control and Integrated Factory Systems – the curriculum for this pathway is built the same way. With the support of Rockwell Automation, APT Manufacturing, and Fanuc, renowned robotics professor Dr. Habib Rahman is overseeing the creation of our next Learning Pathway, Integrated Robotics.

Domains covered by Integrated Robotics

This Learning Pathway will also take advantage of our Digital Twin Lab, which will have AR/VR capabilities, physics based and integrated robotics digital twins of the manufacturing line.
Integrated Robotics will launch at CSI beginning of the Summer 2021. Please follow the Connected Systems Institute LinkedIN Page or visit our website for updates!

Microsoft Azure for Manufacturing Excellence (MAME)
Finally, in collaboration with Microsoft, we have created the key pathways for addressing four specific job titles in highest demand based on market studies we have done, known at CSI as the Microsoft Azure for Manufacturing Excellence (MAME) Learning Pathways. While this coursework is currently available for anyone to complete online, our pathways differ by actually leveraging the test bed data and contextual lessons important for manufacturing domains. We combine online learning with hands-on labs based on manufacturing and use relevant cases delivered by industry SMEs. Learners will finish the course with their Microsoft Certifications in hand!

The Four Different MAME Pathways

The MAME courses at CSI will begin in Fall 2021. Please follow the Connected Systems Institute LinkedIN or visit our website for updates!

Additional Curriculum
Below is the list of additional academic curriculum pathways for levels of learning

  • Change Management
  • Design for Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • OT Cybersecurity

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