Academic Programming

CSI Academic programming is designed to address four emerging areas of concern in education and training of workforce of future due to transformational consequences of Industry 4.

First, to meet the students’ needs in interdisciplinary education, training, and research in convergent technologies of Digital Manufacturing Transformation-DMT. We offer new interdisciplinary courses, course modules, seminars, and workshops on applications of Industry 4 technologies in manufacturing. The education/training is reinforced by hands on experiences on testbeds, industry internship, industry supported research, and fundamental research.

Secondly, we teach our students systems thinking, personal responsibilities, social consciousness, and sustainability awareness by offering courses and course modules on these topics as well as by incorporating relevant materials throughout many of our technical courses. Specifically, we relate these topics to extreme complexities of connected manufacturing systems of future as well as economic, social, and ethical consequences of Industry 4 transformations.