Center Founder

Harvey Wilmeth

Harvey Wilmeth (1918-2007) founded the CRIE’s predecessor, the Center for Advanced Macroeconomic Policy (CAMP), following his retirement in 1983 as Vice President and Economist at the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company in Milwaukee. Dr. Wilmeth served as Research Director for the Center until his death in August 2007.

In addition to his role as Research Director at CRIE, Dr. Wilmeth served as an officer and director of Scot Industries, Inc., a family-owned manufacturing business with plants located throughout the United States. Trained as a chemical engineer, Dr. Wilmeth became interested in macroeconomic theory at an early age, partially in response to his experience with the Great Depression.

Over a period of 75 years, Dr. Wilmeth had an intense interest in macroeconomic theory and policy with an additional emphasis on international issues. Dr. Wilmeth’s lifetime of experience in engineering, business, and finance gave him an unusually broad perspective on the analysis of macroeconomic relationships and the policy implications of those relationships. Dr. Wilmeth is remembered with respect and admiration by his many friends and colleagues.