It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of contributor Ihab Hassan. His work and generosity has impacted cream city review in countless ways. Our sympathies lie with his family.

For today’s #TBT we wanted to offer the final lines of his story “Clouds” from our most recent issue, 39.1.


“In truth, whether they appeared as cumulus, stratus, cirrus, or nimbus, whether they disguised themselves as billows, contrails, or piles, the clouds dedicated all their energies to mutual annihilation. But no one, not even the poet, knew the origin of the celestial feud. Still, stories spread everywhere–cobwebbed fictions–to explain the malediction above.

At last, after shrinking to misshapen lumps, the clouds vanished. But the poet could still glimpse them at the edge of town, dust devils on an empty road, spiteful tumbleweed.”