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B. Batchelor
Prison Pastoral
Ian C. Smith
When as a boy
Randall Horton
XIX 1999: Old School & Black


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Vincent Toro
On Scarification
The Block, Romare Bearden, 1972

Carter Smith
Value Proposition

Sierra Jacob
Pacific Progression: An Oral History

Amy Elisabeth Hansen

Trevor Ketner

Philip Schaefer
Autumnal Hum

Michael Robins
Fabulous Prizes
[accordingly, you burn]
Gone for the Summer

Gabrielle Gravestein
Empire Service – January
Glass Lips

Britt Ashley
Dear Doppelganger,
Dorothy Arnold’s Fever Dream, 1909

Jeanna Le
May 1, 2015

Amanda Hope
The Mistress

Julie Henson

Jeffrey Morgan
A Brief History of the Future

Toby Altman
Live Intimate Nostalgia
Best Practices

Michael Walsh
The Antigay Retelling of My Life
My Mother with Dozens of Gay Sons

Ihab Hassan
The Swifts of Fez

Grayson Lee Maxwell

Andrew LaRaia
20 in 10

Ben Black
The Wall

Robert Kerbeck
Lycans Don’t Surf

Laura Citino

Gardner Landry
The Song of Songs

Soham Patel
On “The Best American Poetry” & 100 Chinese Silences: An Interview with Timothy Yu

John McDonough
My Documents: Review

Other Side of the Mirror

B. Batchelor
Prison Pastoral

Freesia McKee
“Writing Has Made Me Different”: Writing in a Milwaukee Prison

Stewart Gonzalez
Red Wax-Lips

Randall Horton
XIX 1999: Old School & Black

Catherine La Fleur
The Woman in Cell 47

Jess Smith

Ace Boggess
The Chaplain’s Guitar

D.M. Aderibigbe
In Defense of Madness

Jacqueline Balderrama
Giants’ Faces Held in the Hills

Ian C. Smith
When as a boy

Jesus Lopez
Can you dig it?

Jesse Ponkamo
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4

Lindsey Dorr-Niro
Bright Land

David Sheskin
DNA – Museum Viewer

Amy Guidry


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