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Fall/Winter : 2014

cover of issue 38.2


Jenny Johnson
"Folsom Street Fairytale"
Tom Williams
"On Being Told the Sound Your Band Recently Discovered Resembles the MC5's"
Shasta Grant
"Phone Calls From Prison"


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table of

Jenny Johnson
Folsom Street Fairytale
Nandini Dhar
Rene Char
Translated by Nancy Carlson:
Hangman of Solitude
The Prodigals Torch
Alyse Knorr
from “Mega-City Redux”
Catherine Bresner
Cloud Nation
Hugh Behm- Stienberg
Ferruginous Hawks
Northern Mockingbirds
Exegesis: The Tempest
Katie Nichol
Lost Letter
Nathan Breitling
And Arcadia
Positronic Sex Cult
Erin Lynch
Self Portrait as Museum
Invasive Species
Curtis Rodgers
Radiant Baby
Please Be Advised, Snow Globes Are Not Allowed Through the Security Checkpoint
Rachel Mindell
Because we are not animals, napkins
Victoria McArtor
As the Cease-Fire Holds
Terrell Jamal Terry
How I Came Here
Xanthic Branches
Jim Goar 
excerpts from “Iron Lung”
Tony Trigillio
Tonight I marked the one-year anniversary of Barnabas’s first appearance
In 1966, Beach Boy Brian Wilson arrives late
Derek Mong
Lightning 2
Jenna Bazzell
Midsummer, 1944
Amy Meng
Very Superstitious
Jim Whiteside
Ice Storm, 1996
Zaccaria Fulton
Let’s Check In
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
The Easement
Matt Hart 
Rose White 
Joanna Rose 
Field Guide to Exotic Birds
H.G. McCrary
The Nesbit Pile
Kim Chinquee
Rip Tide
Eat Your Plate
Jason Allen
Blues Before Sunrise
S.P. MacIntyre
Tom Williams
On Being Told the Sound Your Band Recently Discovered Resembles the MC5’s
Ihab Hassan
Holly Thomas 
About Him
Shasta Grant
Phone Calls From Prison
Franklin K.R. Cline
Interview: W. Todd Kaneko
Marian Ryan
Review: Karate Chop by Dorthe Nors

Nicholas Perry
Winter’s Transitioning Release

Jesse Oliver Nicolas
Tradition in Our Blood
Sarah Westphalen
A Series of Skulls
Kathrine Minott
Seat of the Soul
Brennen Stienes
Ian Jack McGibbon
Carl Scharwath
Angelica Mercado Guererro
In the Time of the Butterflies


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