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Spring/Summer : 2014

cover of issue 38.1


Ocean Vuong
My Ulysses(s)
Philip H. Red Eagle
Coleen Muir
Bone in the Throat


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Ocean Vuong
My Ulysses(s)

Lindsey D. Alexander
Homestead, Sure

Jennifer Givhan

Kyle McCord
August 5, 2012

Ash Bowen

Jay Deshpande
The Music is Sweet When It’s Stuck Inside of Us

Cody Ernst
Thoughts on Crow Nest

Roger Reeves
New Ghosts in the Balcony
When the Light Came to Lucille Clifton

Jonterri Gadson
In My Rush

Steven D. Schroeder
The Fugitive

Rob Stevens
Faith, Works, and My Gris-Gris Doll

Brandon Krieg

claire schwartz
your mouth is a cotillion

LA Johnson

Alexandra Teague
Duchamp’s Nude, Descending, Speaks

Adam Love
After Your Last Poker Hand, You Bought Cocaine and a Pistol

Sarah Barber
The Varied Thrush

Brianna Noll
On Social Graces

Mary Angelino
Ice Storm

Keith Leonard
Ode to Dreaming the Dead


Brian Phillip Whalen

George Choundas
The Son of Butt Trudd

Keith Rosson
Baby Jill

Lindsey Drager

Sonja Vitow
What You Want to Learn


Terre Ryan
The Way You Spell Success

James Warren Boyd
Shirts and Skins

Coleen Muir
Bone in the Throat

Shellie Richards
The Strike


Emma LaPine
Regeneration of Being

Susan Hale
Wedding Day Garden

James D. Autio
Milkweed and Wooden Leg

returning the gift: indigenous futures

Kimberly Blaeser
Language, Tents, and Flysheets: Building a Shelter of the Ephemeral
Speaking, Like Old Desire
Ephemeral Habitation of Cavate

b: william bearhart
When I Was In Las Vegas And Saw A Warhol Painting Of Geronimo
At The Georgia¬†O’Keeffe Museum And Iteration

Heid E. Erdrich
Incantation of a Frank Big Bear Collage

Simon J. Ortiz
Who Likes Indians
Long Time Ago

Denise Low
A Jackalope Walks into an Indian Bar
Jane’s Maze

Gordon Henry
From Letters to the Dead and Distant: Dear Marie
Dear Sonny
The Mute Scribe Recalls the Talking Circle

Laura Tohe
Blue Impala
Dancing Under the Stars

Eric Gansworth
Origin Story
From One Dance, Creation
Dream Pillow

Janet McAdams
Chronicle of the Year, Stolen
The Body’s Guide to Evolution

Maurice Kenny
My Father Does Not Sing

Rhiana Yazzie

Philip H. Red Eagle

Alice M. Azure
Plague of Horned Serpents

Margaret Noodin
Nimbiiskaabiimin Apane/We Are Returning Always

Joesph Bruchac
The Cave at Quartz Mountain




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