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SUMMER : 1988

cover of issue 12.2


David Citino
The Father and the Son
F.D. Reeve
Poetic Juice


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Robert B. Shaw
Is There a New Formalism?

Amy Clampitt
The Matter and the Manner: Another Look at the “Poetry” of Marianne Moore

J.D. McClatchy
Amy Clampitt: The Mirroring Marryings

Jerome Mazzaro
Morton Marcus and the Ethical Lyric

Charles Altieri
Jorie Graham and Ann Lauterbach: Towards a Contemporary Poetics of Eloquence

Richard Behm
An Experimental Taxonomy for the Analysis of Free Verse Forms

Robert Siegal
Verse: A Taxonomy

Micheal McFee
The Republic of Letters

Robert Peters
The Death-Bed Poem and Childhood Poems

F.D. Reeve
Poetic Juice

William Greenway
The Concept of Self in Contemporary American Poetry

Maxine Kumin
A Sense of Place
*From “A Sense of Place,” In Deep by Maxine Kumin. Copyright (c) 1987 by Maxine Kumin.
All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by permission of Viking Penguin Inc.

A.R. Ammons
Poets First


Nuala Archer
from A Mobile Home: Through the Os of Booger Holler
Hollywood Panama
Star*mapping My Trans*atlantic Com*mutes

David Axelrod
In the Foothills
Waking in September

Dorothy Barresi
At the Pioneer Valley Legal Clinic

Richard Behm
The Non-Custodial Parent Takes His Children to the Nature Preserve
Winter Ball

Robert Brown
The Dream at Half Moon Bay
Salamanca: Siesta

David Citino
Ballad of the Northland Mall
On His Daughter’s Second Birthday
The Father and the Son

Amy Clampitt
Mulciber at West Egg

Mark DeFoe
The House by the Interstate

C.X. Dillhunt

Carol Dine
The Diver

Ellen Kirvin Dudis

Mary Engel
Apparition in the Afternoon

Dave Etter
Jazz Night

Dion Farquhar
Eats of Eden

Mary Fister
For a Few Trees

George Garrett
Long & Short of It: A Letter to Brendan Galvin
Figure of Speech

Jessie Glass
Gnosis M

Aedan Hanley
Louanne, Sitting Nude

Henry Hart
King Philip’s Ghost
Columbus in El Otro Mundo

Peter Huggin
Choctaw Point

Gray Jacobik
The Soft Light
Night and Day
The End of August

Linda Kampley
Channel Markings

Richard Kenney
Asphyxiation Sapphics

William Kloefkorn
The Understanding
Last Summer and the One Before

Caroline Knox
Emblem Poem: Scallop Shell

Maxine Kumin
The Accolade of the Animals

Ann Lauterbach
Frame of Reference
Excessive Innuendo

John Leax
Winter Spring
Women’s Work

Morton Marcus
The Immigrant

David Martin
Child Speech

James Mazzaro
Jerome Again

J.D. McClatchy
The Landing

Tom McKeown
White Avenue by the Sea

Wesley McNair
Sue Reed Walking

Ellen E. Moore

Elaine Mott
Grandmother’s Bureau Drawer
The Vampire’s Daughter

Sandra Nelson
Plant Your Butt Square
The Story of S

Lance Olsen
The Last Line of My Geology Textbook (found poem)

Robert Pack
Recounting the Past to Come

Christina Pacosz
There Was No Moon

Marjorie Power
Her Liberation

F.D. Reeve
On a Maine Island

Sheila Roberts
The Residents of Clifton Beach Town Houses

Pattiann Rogers
Playroom: The Visionaries
April Coordinator
The Message

Thomas Russell
Dictionary Toad

Ted Schaefer
Natural Protection

Robert B. Shaw
Parting Gift

Eve Shelnutt
Little Beach
Labor at Our Mother’s Death
“Luxe, Calme and Volupte,” by Matisse
The Long Mourning

Robert Siegel
Swimming Snake

Dave Smith
The Futility of Criticism
Pallbearers at the Mausoleum

R.T. Smith
Friday 13, A Fascination

Jane Somerville
The Sleepwalker
Visiting the Home of a Blind Man

William Stafford
The Old Writers’ Welcome to the New

Lucien Stryk
June 5, 1987

Karen Swenson
Spring’s Nebraska

Erik Thelen
Algebra for Ethnographers

Barbara Louise Ungar

Debra Kay Vest
The Last Word
Key Words

Jeanne Walker
Journal Entry: Remembering the Tate Gallery

Ronald Wallace
Building an Outhouse

Kim Walker/Phillip Booth
Kim’s Dreamsong, 1987

Theodore Weiss

Sandra Witt
Composing Photos


Gustaf Sobin
Voyaging Portraits

Todd Moore
The Name is Dillinger and Dillinger’s Faces

Jared Smith
Keeping the Outlaw Alive

Ralph Angel
Anxious Latitudes

Lynda Hall
Ghost Money

Mark Doty
Turtle, Swan

Sesshu Foster
Angry Days

Michelle T. Clinton
High Blood Pressure

Micheal Spence
The Spine


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