Our Spring/Summer 40th Anniversary Issue (40.1) is available with poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art by Carmen Giménez-Smith, Matthew Olzmann, Divya Victor, Christine Sneed, Pete Fromm, RM Cooper, Allen Forrest, and more!

We are also excited to debut IØ – our new “genre” which includes text that stretch the boundaries of print-digital hybridity. Our debut features texts from artists such as Nick Montfort, Josephine Anstey, Jason Nelson, Deena Larsen, Jody Zellen, Robert Lavett Smith, and Stace Johnson.  

To purchase the latest issue, go to: http://www.uwm.edu/creamcityreview/buy/

And when you get your hands on a copy, be sure to check out our IØ page: