What’s the status of the UWM Children’s Learning Center?

August 19, 2020

The Children’s Center has reopened at about 33% of capacity. Enrollment is expected to increase up to 50% beginning with the start of the fall semester. Capacity limits are outlined in the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s phased reopening plan.

Initially, the Children’s Center only will be providing care on a full-day basis at regular hours. This is to reduce the amount of drop-off and pick-ups. The center will not have its typical weeklong closure in August this year, but will close for the UWM intermittent furlough day on Aug. 21.

Due to our need to reopen at a reduced capacity, the Children’s Center is not able to serve all families who submitted a fall schedule request. Priority is given to continuing families who are UWM-enrolled students and/or essential employees as described by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Those families who cannot be scheduled at this point, and those who did not request to be scheduled, will receive a refund of any remaining credit balance from spring left on their accounts.

Health/safety protocols call for all adults to wear a mask or face covering at all times while indoors. There will be daily health screenings for children, staff and any adults entering the center.

For more information, please read the the COVID-19 reopening plans on the Children’s Center website.

See also: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families child care information for essential workers