What services are available at the Norris Health Center?

August 31, 2020

The Norris Health Center continues to provide in-person medical services to UWM students at this time. All students must call in advance, (414) 229-4716, for any services, as this is a rapidly evolving situation and in-person services may change. Please do not come to the health center without first speaking to a nurse or medical provider.

Services may look and operate differently with the temporary transition to telehealth services and modified in-person medical services.

COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testing is available through the Norris Health Center for UWM students who are eligible for services and experiencing related symptoms. The center follows state and local public health guidelines and has partnered with the City of Milwaukee Health Department to currently offer testing at no cost to students.

Please note that this is subject to change and other reference labs will be used if the City of Milwaukee Health Department Lab becomes unavailable. The current charge for the health center’s reference lab is $125. Please call (414) 229-4716 for the latest information on testing.

Other medical services

All appointments at Norris at present are made through phone calls. This helps reduce the risk of too many individuals in the building at one time and follows current best practices for outpatient clinics. No walk-in appointments are accepted.

Services for issues that are time-sensitive are provided both through telehealth and in-person visits. Same-day appointments may be available.

Limited routine appointments are available on a case-by-case basis. At this time, Norris should be able to accommodate students who need physicals and tests that are required to take part in an educational field/clinical experience. Please call Norris before your appointment to confirm in case demand changes for more time-sensitive medical services including COVID-19 evaluation and testing.

The lab is open at this time, however, please call before you visit.

Visit the Norris website for more information on the health center’s current guidelines.


The dispensary is open and available for over-the-counter and prescription medications for treatment provided by Norris Health Center providers. Students are expected to call in advance and medications will be delivered at the front door at a scheduled pickup time.

Counseling services

Counseling services are available virtually through telehealth appointment. Please call University Counseling Services at 414-229-4133 or visit the counseling services website for the latest information.