What is UWM doing to make sure students and staff comply with the testing mandate?

August 19, 2021

Like last spring, UWM will be tracking compliance for those unvaccinated individuals required to test weekly. UWM will assume that all students enrolled in courses with some in-person component and all students in residence halls (regardless of their course schedule) are required to test for COVID-19 weekly.

Students will be removed from the mandatory testing list once they have submitted proof of vaccination or another approved exemption (e.g., having tested positive for COVID-19 exempts one from testing for 90 days). Students’ test results from on-campus testing will be cross-checked against this database to identify those who have not tested. Notifications will be sent to students and follow-up conduct proceedings initiated for those failing to test. A similar process exists for staff.

UWM recommends that students and staff use the campus-based testing, uwmke.vivi.healthcare. Students and staff who do not use campus-based testing will have to file proof of testing (or some other exemption) on a weekly basis using the Exemption Form.