What is the process for employees returning to work on campus?

June 9, 2021

As UWM prepares for mostly face-to-face instruction this fall, it will mean a return of employees to campus.

During the first two weeks in June, supervisors will be talking to employees about plans to return to working on campus. Supervisors will address department needs, while also taking into account employee preferences, in a consistent, equitable and timely manner so employees can plan for changes in childcare, transportation and other related needs.

Employees who will regularly work remotely in the fall must submit a formal request through the UW System approval process. If the e-form does not open for you, please contact the HR Business Partner who works with your school, college or division.

Certain short-term or intermittent remote work does not require pre-approval, per the UWM telecommuting policy.

Employees should submit formal requests to work remotely in the fall no later than June 18, 2021. Supervisors will decide on the requests by June 25. After June 18, requests for remote work will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Each department will submit their plans to the dean or division head no later than July 1. Employees will be encouraged to return to their on-campus working schedules as close to Aug. 2 as possible.

The heads of schools, colleges and divisions must make sure to follow specific guidelines:

  • All student needs for face-to-face interaction are met at least to the same extent or greater than staffing allowed before the pandemic. The school/college/division head would have to approve a change in face-to-face services.
  • Administrative offices are generally open to visitors or others during normal business hours.
  • Reception desks are staffed to the maximum extent possible.
  • Full-time remote work requests will be scrutinized and approved in rare, extraordinary or temporary situations.

For more information and resources on working remotely, visit the Department of Human Resources’ Remote Work website.

See also: UWM Interim Telecommuting Policy