What if I want to keep my course in-person after spring break, but some students are asking that it go online?

March 10, 2022

It is recommended that instructors talk with their class about the change in masking guidance. Students may realize the entire class will mask for the common good. Students may understand that wearing an N95/KN95 mask provides considerable protection for the wearer, especially if the student is current with their vaccinations.

Instructors are not required to offer hybrid-flex options (synchronous streaming or lecture capture) for students who do not want to attend an in-person class. At the same time, students will appreciate any flexibilities that can be offered.

As we continue to live with COVID-19, instructors should treat students’ illness with COVID-19, including students in quarantine, like they have treated student illnesses prior to COVID-19. Have students take notes for others, or have the absent student make up work for the assignments missed.