What do I tell my class if there is a positive case?

October 6, 2021

If a student has self-reported a positive test or diagnosis for COVID-19 and attended an in-person course during their infectious period, the UWM COVID-19 Support Team will inform both the instructor and students in that class. The information provided to the rest of the class will not include identifying information about the COVID-positive person. To maintain a level of confidentiality for the positive student, only in-person classes that the positive student attended during their infectious period will receive a notification from the COVID-19 Support Team.

Because the COVID-19 Support Team will provide this information, instructors should not inform students in the class of any student-provided information they may have received. Please note: The notification the COVID-19 Support Team will send does not treat the instructor or class members as close contacts. If an individual is identified as a close contact, that person will be contacted separately by the COVID-19 Support Team or local public health department regarding next steps.