What are the restrictions on university-sponsored travel?

July 13, 2020

The prohibition on university-sponsored travel has been extended to at least Aug. 23. Effective July 1, individual airline tickets can be canceled in Concur or by contacting Travel Incorporated. Group block airfare tickets can be canceled by contacting Fox World Travel.

Because of the unpredictability of the pandemic situation, UWM’s Emergency Operations Center travel team will review and possibly update its recommendations on Aug. 1.

University-sponsored travel includes, but is not limited to:

  • Travel on UWM-related business
  • Travel that relates to an employee’s professional interests and positions, such as board or other professional organization roles
  • Travel paid in full or in part by UWM
  • Travel organized, endorsed and/or sponsored by UWM or organizations associated with UWM, such as student clubs
  • Travel that involves academic credit granted by UWM

Limited exceptions will be granted for essential travel, which is travel critical to UWM’s mission, that cannot be rescheduled and is for work that must be conducted in person. Public health guidance should be reviewed before requesting an exception.

To request an exception, faculty and staff must complete this travel exception form. This form should be used by employees, staff and those with UWM credentials engaging in university-sponsored travel. For travelers who do not have UWM credentials, please continue to use this form.

Exceptions will be managed and approved by Risk Management and designated campus leadership. This approach allows for an individualized review of relevant health and safety considerations for each requested exemption.

While travel is currently restricted because of the pandemic, budget concerns also will limit travel in the upcoming year. All nonessential travel funded through unrestricted funds is frozen through June 30, 2021. Once the travel prohibition due to the pandemic is lifted, travel funded through external gifts and grants may be approved by the division head, although use of funds that could be used for higher priorities is discouraged. Deans and division heads will be responsible for approving travel that is essential or funded through external sources.

Booking for future travel

Bookings of new university-sponsored travel is currently suspended until further notice.