What are the guidelines for a UWM department or unit planning an event?

March 10, 2022

UWM departments or units planning non-academic events should follow these guidelines:

Non-academic events with a maximum indoor capacity of 800, not including support staff required to operate the event, are allowed. Events of this size do not need special approval.

A UWM department that wishes to hold an indoor event that has more than 800 people must submit a request for review and approval to the university Emergency Operations Center’s Special Requests Team at special-requests@uwm.edu.

Guidelines apply to events on all UWM campuses and off-site events sponsored by UWM. They are subject to change with public health guidance. A “UWM event” is defined as one that is UWM sponsored but is not an academic course published in the UWM course schedule (including co-curricular programs).

All UWM events must follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local public health guidelines, and the UWM Interim COVID-Related Health and Safety Policy, with regard to face coverings. All events, regardless of location, will be consistent with UWM’s policy related to “gatherings.”

See also: UWM Interim COVID-Related Health and Safety Policy