What are some on-campus locations where I can study or participate in an online class?

September 9, 2020

UWM has several locations on its campuses where students can study in a safe environment, or participate in an online class if it’s scheduled before or after an in-person class.

Main campus

  • The UWM Student Union has multiple dining and lounge spaces with over 300 seats arranged for social distancing where students can study and/or log in to online classes. Dining areas in the ground-level terrace and first-floor atrium, and lounges on the first three floors of the Union, are great locations to log on for your class or to study. The Union has good wireless coverage on the UWM Wi-Fi network.
  • The Soref Learning Commons at the Golda Meir Library has more than 100 socially distanced seating locations with strong UWM Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Lounges in other campus buildings, such as the Kenwood IRC and Northwest Quad, are also good locations.

Waukesha campus

The following spaces at UWM at Waukesha are available to take online classes:

  • N065 and N075 (study rooms)
  • N046 and N069 (former ENG 099 rooms)

Study desks in the back of the library (right-hand side facing east) and the last rows of L108 in the library may also be used. If students use the library for online classes, they should reduce noise by using headphones. If students don’t have their own headphones, some are available for checkout at the circulation desk.

Washington County campus

The UWM at Washington County library has several spaces for students to participate in an online class without disturbing others, including: L282, L283, L284, and L285.

Other areas are available in the first- and third-floor lobbies, Room 158, and the second-floor lobby in the Science Building. Please use a headset if taking an online class in one of these areas to try to reduce noise for others.