I have some health concerns and would like to take all my classes online. How can I request an accommodation?

September 30, 2020

First, please log into PAWS to review your fall schedule. If you want to change a class or move to an online section, please contact your advisor. Advisors will shift students who want fully online schedules to (1) online sections of courses or (2) online alternatives that meet the same academic requirements as their current face-to-face courses. If that is not possible, or if students need to move online mid-semester, there may be a remote option available.

UWM has asked instructors to have remote options, where practical, for students who can’t attend face-to-face class sessions. This may not be feasible in some lab and studio courses, but remote options should be available in lectures, discussions and seminars. We encourage students who have questions about this to contact their instructors.