How will roommate selection happen for the 2021-22 academic year?

April 20, 2021

University Housing assigns residents using each student’s computer-assigned lottery number, their indicated preferences, and the space available at the time of assignment. University Housing assigns residents at multiple points throughout the summer, starting with the first batch in early July.

Application to a Living Learning Community (LLC) is considered a primary preference and supersedes all other preferences. Students can list up to two preferred roommates when completing their housing contract, by providing their 9-digit ID number, starting with 99x.

For preferred roommates to be matched, both individuals must have the same LLC (or no LLC) preference, and they must have both mutually requested each other. If a student hasn’t identified an individual they’d like to room with and is placed in a double- or triple-occupancy room, University Housing will use that student’s contract preferences to assign a random roommate.