How will offices be cleaned?

August 31, 2020

Yes, but faculty and staff will be asked to help. Offices will be cleaned per the schedule that was in place before campus shut down. Main department offices will be cleaned weekly, and all individual offices once per month.

Faculty and staff will be asked to sanitize and clean their own workspaces daily with cleaning products provided by the university. They also should move trash and recycling to containers in the common areas of each building.

Cleaning supplies are being purchased at a central level and will be distributed to any campus department that needs them for essential operations. This program is intended to supplement regular procurement by campus departments by serving as a reserve when supplies are difficult to obtain through regular vendors. If needed, employees can request items through this UWM form for personal protective equipment and related supplies. You may bring supplies from home if you wish.

Please note that UWM is in the midst of reviewing reopening plans for campus buildings. A list of buildings for which reopening plans have been approved can be found at this FAQ post.

More information about cleaning and other guidelines for on-site employees are available at the link below.

See also: UWM On-Site Employee Work Practices