Am I required to record my lectures for students who cannot or do not attend my face-to-face class?

August 20, 2021

You are not required to use lecture capture for your in-person lectures. However, UWM is strongly recommending that instructors make lecture capture available to students in Canvas when practical. The UITS Knowledge Base has a list of classrooms currently equipped for lecture capture, with more general assignment rooms being added. UITS also has training available.

Students’ responses to last spring’s survey indicated that a great majority of students anticipate that they would use lectures captured on video. Lecture capture is viewed by many students as a means to go back and review parts of the lecture that they did not immediately understand or missed for some reason while in class. Lecture capture was not generally seen as an alternative to attending class. In addition, lecture capture benefits students with accommodations who can use its captioning functionality. UWM has dedicated funding to expand lecture-capture technologies in many general assignment classrooms for Fall 2021.