Yousuf Mamoon – 2014 RASCL Scholarship Recipient

Yousuf Mamoon

Congratulations to Yousuf Mamoon, winner of the 2014 Roy Arthur Swanson Merit Scholarship in Comparative Literature! Yousuf is currently a senior majoring in Comparative Literature and English. Growing up, his family travelled around the globe extensively. Through these travels, Yousuf discovered his passion for cultures and societies. With this passion, he decided to enroll as a Comparative Literature student where he is able to study foreign countries and gain insights into various perspectives through literature, fi lm, and art.

Yousuf has read a multitude of transnational texts, ranging from The Stranger by Albert Camus to The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, which has piqued his interests in varying ideologies and cultures. Yousuf plans on attending graduate school and eventually becoming a politician; the knowledge he has gained through the Comparative Literature program continues to provide him with an understanding of foreign cultures and should ultimately allow him to excel in foreign affairs.