UWM Undergraduate Catalog

Comparative Literature is an innovative field of study that examines literature from a transnational, transhistorical, and interdisciplinary perspective. Students of comparative literature learn to appreciate and to analyze works of literature from around the globe. They also develop skills to analyze the relationship between literature and other arts, disciplines, and cultural phenomena.

Courses in comparative literature provide training in literary analysis and traditional fields of literary study while emphasizing global and cross-cultural perspectives. Students of Comparative Literature explore literature and other arts across linguistic, geographic, and historical borders and also examine interdisciplinary relationships between literature and other fields.

With so many possible approaches to literature and culture, it’s difficult to describe the focus of a “typical” CompLit class, but course materials might include traditional literary works such as novels and poems; other art forms, including film, music, or painting; sacred texts like the Bible or the Koran; and such non-fictional texts as literary criticism, political theory, philosophical treatises, historical analysis, or cultural critique. As a major, you might study anything from novels to horror films, frescoes to comic books, mythology to manifestos, opera to rap. Come see for yourself all that Comparative Literature has to offer!