Summer 2020 and Comparative Literature

Looking for a summer course? Dr. Drago Momcilovic will be offering COMPLIT 135, Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century: Monsters and Monstrosity online, June 22-August 15. It counts toward the Comparative Literature major and minor as well as Digital Arts & Culture and Film Studies, it satisfies the GER(HU) requirement, and the L&S International requirement. We hope you can join us!

Edited to add: we are in the process of adding another summer course to the schedule: COMPLIT 457/French 457, Topics in French and Francophone Studies: French and Francophone Existentialism, which Dr. Drago Momcilovic will also be teaching online from June 22-August 15. This course is not officially on the books yet but will be soon!

Comp Lit 135: Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century Topic: Monsters & Monstrosity Drago Momcilovic, / Lec 201 / GER [HU] / 3 cr / ONLINE 8-Week Summer Session: June 22-August 15, 2020 Supernatural beasts, mythical giants, Blobs and Things, human-animal hybrids, blood-sucking devils, flesh-eating cannibals, serial killers with no moral compass – these monstrous figures have been at the center of literary and cinematic explorations of the abject “other”: that horrific antithesis of the rational, beautiful, cultured, civilized human being we long to be. What makes monster tales so appealing and timeless? Why are we so entertained by so many variations on this theme? This special-session online course examines the history and cultural specificity of monster tales from the classical, medieval and modern worlds. We will explore the philosophical, theological, cultural, social and political roles monsters and monster tales play in our own lives – how they allow us to cope with fears of death and chaos, how they shape our narratives of the past and present, and how they influence the way we see ourselves and our relationship to the natural world. Our survey will tentatively include zombie and vampire film classics Night of the Living Dead and Nosferatu; Hitchcock’s modern horror classic The Birds; selections from Homer’s Odyssey and The Epic of Gilgamesh; a selection of folktales from around the world; and Mary Shelley’s iconic horror classic Frankenstein. Satisfies GER (HU) and L&S International req. Affiliated with Digital Arts & Culture and Film Studies.